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Sneak Peek: Condo Safety Page (Celebrate Our 100th Blog Post + Check Out Top 10 Insights!)

Are ready for a secret, a celebration, and a sprinkle of insightful look-back?

If so, we invite you to start by celebrating with us, because Stratastic just hit a major milestone - this post marks our 100th blog post! It's been an incredible journey of sharing insights, tips, and stories with all of you in our collective condo community.

From property managers to board members, residents to vendors, each of you has helped make our blog a hub of knowledge and unifying force of our condo community, so whether you're a reader or contributor, let's raise a virtual toast to each and every one of you! 🥂🥳🎉

But before we look back at the top 10 blog posts that you all found most useful, we've got an exciting secret, or sneak peek, to share with you. Drumroll, please...!

🥁SNEAK PEEK: Condo Safety Advocacy Page

Coming March 1, we're launching a brand new feature - an advocacy page for Condo Safety. Your safety is our top priority, and we can't wait to unveil this vital resource designed to empower and protect everyone in the condo community.  Register now for updates and be sure to check out the page when it goes live!

Moreover, March's blog posts will be exclusively dedicated to how we can make our condos safe for everyone working and living in one (and we're sharing some key perspectives from industry experts!).

Now, let's take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of our most popular and beloved posts - the one's who received the top views out of the thousands of overall views gathered by our Insights! Here's a countdown of our top 10 blog posts, each with a little snippet to summarize what it's all about:


Stratastic's Top 10 Condo Insights

1️⃣😡 "Condo Community: Beware! The Condominium Authority Tribunal Takes a Stand Against Harassment": A powerful exploration of condo community dynamics and the importance of standing against harassment. You won't want to miss this eye-opening read! View here >

2️⃣🧑🏿‍💼 "Industry Insights of a New Condo Property Manager: An Innovative Approach to Education & Community": A Community+ post from our guest blogger Tobi Ogude, you can dive into the world of condo property management with fresh perspectives and innovative approaches. This one's a must-read for industry professionals! View here >

3️⃣🤒 "When Life Strikes: How Life, Disability, & Critical Illness Insurance Protects Owners & Community": Guided by expert Nicole Bird, you can discover the crucial role insurance plays in safeguarding condo owners and communities during life's unexpected twists and turns. Knowledge is power! View here >

4️⃣📅 "The Pros of Annual Planners for Streamlining Condo Management Operations: Quick Guide Startup": Learn how annual planners can revolutionize condo management operations and streamline workflow - and how Stratastic automates sand customizes the process for you! Efficiency never looked so good, so give it a go now! View here >

5️⃣🎤 "The Condo Conference 2023: Our Recap, Your Feedback": Relive the highlights of the Condo Conference 2023 and catch up on the invaluable feedback from our vibrant community. View here >

6️⃣👔 "Un-limited: How a Newly Licensed Property Manager Contributes to Condo Communities": Step into the shoes of a newly licensed property manager and discover the boundless potential for positive impact within condo communities. Welcome aboard the tell-all shared by Edward Chin, a success story that we're proud to share with the industry! View here >

7️⃣😤 "Stay Calm & Resolve: Condo Conflict in Your Community – 20 Tips from Prevention to Resolution":

Navigate the delicate art of conflict resolution within condo communities with these practical tips and insights. Peaceful coexistence starts with you, and the strategies shared here! View here >

8️⃣🤝 "Why Community Matters in Your Condo: 3 Ways to Create It": Explore the essence of community in condo living and unlock the secrets to fostering meaningful connections and camaraderie. We're stronger together, so let's keep building each other up! View here >

9️⃣💢 "How to Fight a Bully Condo Board in Ontario: A Strategic Approach": Arm yourself with invaluable strategies and insights for challenging situations with condo boards in Ontario. Knowledge is your greatest ally, and Stratastic is right by your side! View here >

🔟🏢 "Condo Living for New Residents: What to Consider When Exploring Whether to Buy or Rent a Condo": For new condo residents embarking on their journey, this comprehensive guide offers essential considerations and insights. Welcome home, and to our collective condo community! View here >


But that's not all! Check out our many other insightful posts now, or head on over to our Resource Library for more. With over 10,000 hand-curated condo-related resources, we're ensuring that Condoland citizen is missing a beat!

Ready to dive deeper into the world of condo living, management, and advocacy? Join our community today by registering at Stratastic! Together, let's make condos safer and more vibrant for everyone who calls them home.

Here's to the next 100 posts and beyond! 🏢💫

-Stratastic Inc.

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