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Stratastic recognizes the vital role Property Management Companies play in delivering excellence to condo corporations. That's why we provide tailored resources to support your team and improve operations. From efficient tools to strategic insights, discover how Stratastic can enhance your property management services.

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Explore our extensive resource library, curated for Property Management Companies like yours. With over 10k resources handpicked to address your Pm's needs. Utilize keyword search functionality to navigate property management complexities with precision. Stak'd delivers a refined search experience, where resources pave the way to success in property management.

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My Condo Vendor streamlines vendor search, enabling your property managers to spend less time searching and more time focusing on day-to-day operations. Say farewell to endless searches and easily find vendors tailored to your needs, whether it's insurance, consulting, plumbing, or any other essential service for condo management. Your PM's can review vendors and effortlessly save contacts to their profile for future reference.


Our Insights: Informative Blogs for Property Management Companies

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Introducing Meetings+, the ultimate tool designed to assist your property managers in calculating deadlines for crucial meetings such as owners meetings, requisition meetings, and the highlighted annual general meeting. With Meetings+, your staff can effortlessly navigate through deadlines and access the necessary forms for each meeting type. Say goodbye to manual calculations.   

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Looking to hire? Find qualified condo staff with our Job Listing Feature.

With our job listing feature, Property Management Companies can  search for and connect with potential property managers, admins, etc.  Candidates upload their resumes anonymously, ensuring privacy until they choose to share contact information. This feature simplifies the hiring process, allowing companies to find the perfect fit without compromising confidentiality.

Plus, it's free to post job listings, saving time and resources in the search for the ideal prospect.

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Have your property managers become members of Stratastic and gain access to a range of invaluable tools tailored to streamline their roles. At Stratastic, we understand the challenges property managers face, which is why we've meticulously designed tools to simplify their tasks and optimize their efficiency. Join Stratastic today and experience firsthand how member-exclusive features can revolutionize the property management experience.


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