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Improve Your Condo Living Experience with Stratastic: Residents & Tenants 

Stratastic isn't just a property management tool—it's a platform crafted to enhance the experience of residents and tenants within your community. Dive into over 10k resources covering various condo topics, utilize tools to stay informed about important events like AGMs, and explore tips to enhance your condo living experience. Stratastic keeps residents informed, engaged, and connected. Join the community on Stratastic and discover a new level of convenience and transparency in managing your living space.

With this exclusive member feature, access curated articles, guides, and insights anytime, anywhere, ensuring you have the information you need at your fingertips. Become a member.

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Visit Stak'd: Over 10k Resources
for the condo industry. 

Discover our extensive resource library, tailored for condo residents like you. With over 10k handpicked resources to address your needs. Utilize keyword search functionality to navigate the complexities of condo living with accuracy. Stak'd offers an intuitive search experience, guiding you toward success in success in understanding your condo.

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Our Insights: Informative Blogs for Condo Residents

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Stay on track of your Owner's Meetings

Introducing Meetings+, the ultimate tool designed to assist you, condo residents, in keeping track of crucial meeting deadlines such as owners meetings, requisition meetings, and the highlighted annual general meeting. With Meetings+, you can effortlessly navigate through deadlines and access the necessary forms for each meeting type.

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