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Unlock Elevated Living with Stratastic: Your Home, Your Community.

Our platform gives homeowners  efficient tools for streamlined communication, educational material + accessible resource access, transforming condo living .

Indirectly, through the benefits that Stratastic provides their elected board members, Directors are also given the information necessary for sound financial decisions that keep maintenance fees low, property values high and ensure that money stays in the homeowner’s pocket.

Equipping Owners with Tools for Informed Decision-Making

Achieve more with the right tools.

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Our Resource Library contains thousands of articles, created by experienced professionals in the condo industry, ensuring that key players can obtain reliable information at all times.
We have over 8,500 resources in our database that help you excel in your condominium education. 
Save resources to your
own profile for easy +
accessible access whenever you need them.  

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SUITE life residential condo vendors

Find Contractors that service residential suites.

The Suite Life connects you with a network of contractors. Whether you are looking for in-suite work or lifestyle goods and services, the Suite Life is where you'll find it all!


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Homeowners &

Property Management Companies

Homeowners play an important role in the condo industry Stratastic helps management navigate the challenges of effective homeowner and resident expectations in order to ensure that the community is proactively and appropriately cared for.


Homeowners &

Vendors / Contractors

Through Stratastic, homeowners are able to access a large pool of vendors for the maintenance required within their condo units.  This gives homeowners more options to compare prices and select the best option.


Homeowners &

Property Managers

Through extensive resources and tools, Stratastic helps homeowners understand the roles and responsibilities of property management in order to ensure that they foster the most beneficial relationship with the manager of their home and community.


Homeowners &

Board of Directors

Homeowners elect their Boards, and must keep them accountable to ensure that they are acting in the best interest of their community. This is done by understanding the roles and responsibilities of each party, which can be quite complex. Stratastic helps homeowners understand this dynamic relationship by providing open access to a variety of resources and tools needed to be informed and carry out due diligence.

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