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Our platform empowers property managers with efficient tools for streamlined communication, vendor management, and resource access, fostering harmonious condominium communities.

Through Stratastic, PMs are more confident in choosing the appropriate vendors to service their community, avoiding the limited resources and  lengthy process it takes to find exceptional vendors.  PM’s are also able to have at their fingertips an infinite number of resources to help with their growth in this constantly changing industry.

Effortless Vendor Selection & Resource Access

Achieve more with the right tools.

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Our Resource Library contains thousands of articles, created by experienced professionals in the condo industry, ensuring that key players can obtain reliable information at all times.
We have over 8,500 resources in our database that help you excel in your condominium education. 
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accessible access whenever you need them.  

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Save time & effort finding vendors

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Our Vendor Directory is a comprehensive and user-friendly platform designed to connect businesses, vendors, and contractors with condominium communities. It serves as an extensive database that showcases a diverse range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of condo associations and residents.

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Property Managers &

Property Management Companies

Through Stratastic, Property Managers and Property Management Companies can rely on our featured tools to provide each corporation with a variety of vendors and resources nessesary to give exeptional services to the condominium corporations they manage. 


Property Managers &

Vendors / Contractors

Getting the right vendor for the job matters; it’s not only about the price, but also the ability to complete work in a way that is not unnecessarily disruptive to the day-to-day operations of the corporation and community. Stratastic’s Vendor Directory is open and accessible, leaving managers with a plenty of contractors to choose from to ensure the right fit for the job!


Property Managers &

Board of Directors

Stratastic’s tools and resources help Property Managers effectively liaison with Directors. Every choice managers make matters because all decisions ultimately reflect on the manager’s work ethic and leadership abilities.  We’re here to help managers confidently carry out their due diligence in order to foster the trust required to build a strong relationship with Boards!


Property Managers &

Owners / Residents

As leaders in the condo corporation, it’s a manager’s job to effectively serve the homeowners and residents by being responsive, keeping residents educated and informed with the appropriate communications, and ensuring that they can enjoy their homes and community. Stratastic helps Managers achieve this by providing the tools and resources necessary to achieve the above goals!

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