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What benefits does Stratastic's open-market platform offer what is the cost for businesses using the platform?

Through Stratastic's transparent open-market platform, we're giving condo vendors and contractors the opportunity to reach a wider audience in freely accessible manner. We're here to help businesses showcase their services to condo communities, and assisting our users to choose based on their particular needs and each business's merit.

And when we say we're "freely accessible", we mean it! Businesses can sign up at no cost: no credit cards, no commissions, no catches!

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How do I create a profile

on Stratastic? 

Create an account with Stratastic, it's free, simple and fast!  First fill our signup form and specify what key player you are, then you will receive an confirmation to verify your email.  Once your email has been verified you will receive an email with the following steps.  Click here to signup. 

What features and tools does Stratastic offer for condominium contractors?

We have the perfect platform for your company's success!With our powerful commercial Vendor Directory, the residential Suite Life directory, our Resource Library, and varied selection of tools and features tailored to condominium contractors, we're confident you'll quickly understand just how partnering with Stratastic is a no-brainer!

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