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Condo Community Beware: The Condominium Authority Tribunal Takes a Stand Against Harassment in Condos

Updated: Apr 10

Living in a condominium corporation can be a wonderful experience, offering a sense of community and shared responsibilities. However, as with any community, issues can arise, and it is essential for residents to treat one another with respect and understanding.

Mutual respect and consideration is imperative between all those working or living in condos (including condo managers, directors, vendors, and residents). Otherwise, conflict may arise and tantrums may be thrown. Condo community beware -  The Condominium Authority Tribunal (The CAT) has taken a decisive stance against harassment, particularly ensuring that condo owners and residents understand the dire consequences of such unwelcome behavior.

Recent cases in Ontario have shed light on an important topic that deserves our attention - harassment within condo communities. In light of this troubling trend and current climate of escalating incivility in condos, we're also more seeing more media coverage of these case studies, outcomes, and suggestions for prevention, such as Stratastic's own 6-part series on Harassment in Condos.

Let's explore these cases, and the implications they have, and the warnings they serve for

condo residents and others living and working in condominiums across Ontario.

Recent Cases Demonstrate The Condominium Authority Tribunal's (The CAT) Jurisdiction over Harassment in Condos

The Condominium Authority Tribunal, a vital entity that oversees disputes within Ontario's condo communities, has demonstrated its jurisdiction in handling cases involving harassment. It has been made clear that this authority comes into effect when the condo corporation's governing documents address the issue of harassment.

In a recent case involving a Vaughan condominium, The CAT ordered an owner to stop harassing another owner and condo corporation staff. Furthermore, the harasser was required to pay the condo corporation a substantial amount of $10,457.57 in costs. This decision highlights the CAT's commitment to ensuring a safe and respectful environment for everyone within the community. The Tribunal emphasized that enforcing compliance against one owner should not burden the entire community.

However, the CAT also dismissed another recent case in Toronto where the governing documents of the condo did not explicitly address harassment. This illustrates the significance of having clear and comprehensive governing documents that outline acceptable behavior and consequences for violating community guidelines.

Click here to check out the above CAT decisions, among other harassment-related cases.

The Condominium Authority Tribunal's Takeaway Warning for Condo Residents Regarding Harassment

A condo community stands together against harassment: these recent cases send a crucial message to all condo residents in Ontario. To foster a harmonious living environment, it is essential to be aware of the following takeaways:

  1. It is the responsibility of each resident to treat others with respect, kindness, and empathy. Harassment has no place in a condo community, and we must all work together to maintain a safe and welcoming environment.

  2. The CAT can intervene in harassment disputes if the condo corporation's governing documents explicitly address the issue. These documents play a pivotal role in ensuring that every resident knows what constitutes harassment and what measures will be taken to address such behavior.

  3. Harassment cases that result in physical injury, illness, or property damage fall under the jurisdiction of the legal system, and it is crucial to involve the police in such situations.

Don’t forget and don’t be shy: always contact emergency services (911) if you feel there’s a threat to your safety or others within the collective condo community.

For more information on how to pass an Anti-Harassment Rule (including free templates) in your condominium corporation, check out this informative article!


Ultimately, Ontario's condo community is comprised of diverse individuals, coming together to create a comfortable and enjoyable working environment and living space for everyone. The recent decisions by the Condominium Authority of Ontario have served as a wake-up call, reminding us of the importance of upholding community guidelines and treating one another with respect.

Harassment in condos has far-reaching consequences, affecting not only the victims but the entire community. Let's learn from these cases and strive to be better neighbors and responsible community members.

Together, we can build stronger and safer condo communities across Ontario.

-Stratastic Inc.

P.S. Did you know that with our resource library, Stak'd, you can search over 10,000 hand-curated, condo-related resources? Discover recent cases from the Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) in Ontario, demonstrating their jurisdiction over harassment disputes within condo communities. Learn about the importance of clear governing documents, implications for condo owners, and the need for a respectful and safe living environment. Find out how these decisions impact condo living in Ontario and what steps to take when faced with harassment issues.

P.S.S. We know condos can be tough, but we’re building a collective condo community to support each and every Condoland citizen. Join us (it’s free), and let’s help each other grow strong. We also invite you to join our Condo Safety advocacy group to help us help you stay safe in Condoland!

Updated on April 10, 2024


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Reading about these cases will help us do our part in fostering a harmonious living environment. Let's create a safer and more respectful condo community by treating each other with kindness and empathy.


The truth about harassment in condo communities must be brought to light. Fight for the victim!

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