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Creating a Cohesive Condo Community: How Property Managers Can Build Strong Relationships

Condo property managers know that building and maintaining positive relationships with residents, directors, and vendors is essential for a successful condominium community.

We've all experienced the occasional resident who is overly picky or demanding, board meetings with plenty of drama, and vendors who just aren’t cutting it. We’ve also all collected our fair share of unique condo stories, which often remind us that sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying in this industry.

All this demonstrates why it’s important to create positive relationships with everyone who is part of your condo team: from directors,

to vendors, and yes, even residents!

Effective communication and trust are the foundation of these relationships, but how do you establish and maintain them? In this post, we'll explore some tips for building strong relationships with those who matter most.


How Property Managers Can Build Strong Relationships

+ a Cohesive Condo Community

👪 Building Community with Residents: First and foremost, creating a welcoming environment for residents is key to building a positive relationship. It starts with simple things like greeting residents by name, ensuring that common areas are clean and well-maintained, and striving for consistent and transparent communication.

Encouraging community involvement through events and meetings also goes a long way in fostering a sense of belonging and ownership within the community. Additionally, it's essential to listen to residents' concerns and suggestions, addressing their needs promptly and effectively. Like they say: “a stitch in time saves nine”, so do everything you can to be considerate when listening, proactive about action items, and consistently communicating.

🤝 Working with Directors: As a property manager, you must work collaboratively with the board of directors to ensure that the community runs smoothly. Understanding the roles and responsibilities of the board is crucial, as is communicating clearly and professionally with them. Collaboration and compromise when making decisions are also necessary to maintain positive relationships. Ultimately, the property manager and board should work together for the benefit of the community - this positive partnership is absolutely crucial for everyone’s common goal of effective condo operations and a satisfied community.

👷 Maintaining Positive Relationships with Vendors: Having reliable vendors and contractors is crucial for maintaining the physical infrastructure of the condominium community. Good relationships with vendors are built on communication and setting expectations. Be clear about what you expect from them and what they can expect from you. Building long-term relationships based on trust and mutual respect is also essential... after all, you never know when you'll need their services again.


In conclusion, establishing and maintaining good relationships with residents, directors, and vendors is essential for property managers interested in building a successful and thriving condominium community. By following the tips outlined in this post, you can create a welcoming environment for residents, work collaboratively with the board, and build strong relationships with vendors.

Remember to communicate clearly and professionally, listen to concerns, and always strive for compromise and collaboration. We hope these tips help you to build a stronger, more cohesive community!

-Stratastic Inc.

P.S. We’re here to help you build community - so why not consider joining ours? Become part of Stratastic’s collective condo community by registering now!


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These are some great tips, I feel its very important for staff to greet residents and build that connection with them. It makes everything so much nicer in the condo. Also the property manager should do more events so that the community engages more, like c'mon we live in a building full of people and most times we don't even know who our neighbour is. 🤐

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