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The Pros of Annual Planners for Streamlining Condo Management & Operations: Quick Guide + Startup

Updated: 7 days ago

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In the fast-paced world of condominium management, effective planning and execution are key to ensuring the smooth operation of a condominium corporation. One essential tool that condo leadership should embrace is the Portfolio Planner, also known as an Annual Planner or Site Planner. This comprehensive document serves as a roadmap for proactive decision-making, enabling condo property management and directors to strategize, organize, and optimize their condo operations.

An annual Portfolio Planner also helps ensure that tasks are initiated and completed in a timely manner, which is a proactive measure that is not only noticed by the residency, but appreciated (and drastically reduces complaints!). Putting together an annual Portfolio Planner isn’t difficult, and having one in place saves valuable time and future headaches.

At Stratastic, we can help you organize yourself via our own Planner+ feature, which is free to use for registered members (sign up now!). When using Planner+, Stratastic will even auto-fill essentials for you, including: (1) your corporation’s AGM deadlines (inc. notices), (2) Budget timelines, and (3) PIC obligations. But we don’t stop there!

To keep you on track and help ensure that you didn’t forget anything, Stratastic also provide its Portfolio Planner users with helpful reminders on time-sensitive tasks (such as when you should start looking for window washing services, landscaping, winterization, etc.)! Don’t wait - by registering now to use our Portfolio Planner, you’ll be taking the first step (a quick and easy one, no less!) closer to placing yourself closer to condo operations optimization.

Now, let’s explore our Quick Guide to Portfolio Planners, and outline the top 10 aspects of condo operations that should be considered for inclusion (including the recommended frequency for reviewing each item).


Stratastic’s Quick Guide to Portfolio Planners for Condo Management

💰 Financial Planning (Annual):

Financial stability is crucial for condo corporations. Include a detailed financial plan that encompasses budgeting, reserve fund management, and long-term financial projections. This should be reviewed and updated annually, typically at the beginning of each fiscal year.

🛠️ Maintenance and Repairs (Regular and Scheduled):

Maintenance plays a vital role in preserving the value and functionality of a condominium. Plan and schedule routine maintenance tasks, such as HVAC inspections, elevator servicing, landscaping, and building envelope assessments. Major repairs and renovations should also be considered and scheduled accordingly. Regular maintenance should be performed as per manufacturer recommendations, while major repairs should be addressed as needed or planned in advance.

🗎 Contract Management (Ongoing):

Maintaining a record of contracts and their expiration dates ensures that essential services, such as waste management, security, and landscaping, remain uninterrupted. Include a contract management section in the Portfolio Planner to track renewal dates and explore opportunities for cost-saving measures or alternative service providers. Contracts should be reviewed and assessed on an ongoing basis to identify opportunities for improvement.

⚖️ Compliance and Legal Matters (Ongoing and Annual):

Condo corporations must adhere to various regulations and bylaws. Include a compliance checklist to monitor legal requirements, such as PICS and ICUs, fire safety inspections, accessibility standards, insurance coverage, and board meeting minutes. Address compliance matters on an ongoing basis and conduct a comprehensive review annually to ensure continued adherence.

🤔 Reserve Fund Studies (Every 3-5 years):

Conducting a reserve fund study is essential for long-term financial planning and ensuring adequate funds are available for major repairs and replacements. Schedule the study every three to five years, depending on the size and age of the building, and include the findings and recommendations in the Portfolio Planner.

🔥Insurance Coverage (Annual):

Insurance is a critical aspect of condo operations. Review and update insurance policies annually, considering coverage for common elements, liability, directors and officers, and any additional requirements specific to your condominium. Stay informed about changes in insurance legislation and consult with experts, if necessary.

🔊 Communication and Engagement (Ongoing):

Effective communication between condo leadership and residents fosters a harmonious living environment. Plan regular communication channels, including newsletters, websites, social media, and resident meetings, to keep owners informed about important updates, events, and community initiatives. Regularly assess the effectiveness of communication channels and adjust as needed.

🚨 Emergency Preparedness (Ongoing and Regularly Tested):

Preparing for emergencies is a top priority for condo corporations. Develop and update emergency response plans, including procedures for fires, natural disasters, power outages, or security breaches. Regularly review and test emergency protocols to ensure the safety of residents.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability (Ongoing):

Incorporating environmentally friendly practices benefits both the condo corporation and the planet. Include initiatives aimed at reducing energy consumption, waste management, water conservation, and promoting sustainable practices within the community. Set goals and implement action plans to achieve these objectives. Regularly evaluate and update energy efficiency initiatives as technology and practices evolve.

🤝 Community Engagement and Amenities (Ongoing):

A vibrant community adds value to condo living. Consider the planning and scheduling of community events, social activities, and the maintenance of common area amenities. Regularly assess the needs and preferences of residents to create a well-rounded and engaging community experience. Review and update community engagement plans annually or as needed based on resident feedback.


The implementation of a Portfolio Planner empowers condo leadership to take a proactive approach to planning and executing condo operations in Ontario. By considering the ten aspects outlined above and the recommended frequencies for each, condo property management and directors can optimize their decision-making process, foster efficient operations, enhance resident satisfaction, and achieve long-term success.

Embrace the power of a comprehensive Portfolio Planner and experience the positive impact it can have on your condo corporation's operations!

-Stratastic Inc.

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Updated on April 28, 2024.


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Efficient condo management is essential for a smooth operation and embracing tools like Portfolio Planners can be a game-changer!

Thank you for Stratastic's Planner that simplifies the process further :)🍾

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