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The Condo Conference 2023: Our Recap of the Best Product, Best Business, and Best Booth! + Your Feedback

Updated: Apr 10

Image of attendees attending a seminar at the Condo Conference 2023

The Condo Conference

Another year, another exciting event attending The Condo Conference 2023! 

Our team attended The Condo Conference 2023 for the exciting educational and networking opportunity with condo vendors, condo managers, property management companies, and even directors, which was back at the Toronto Congress Centre for the first time in a couple of years!

As usual, The Condo Conference was hosted by the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO) and The Canadian Condominium Institute (Toronto and Area Chapter) (CCI-T), The Condo Conference went back to its roots and to being a fan favourite for Condoland citizens looking to re-connect with industry leaders and explore what condo service providers have been up to!

This Condo Conference 2023, like the many annual events before it, was a fantastic event for staying up-to-date with the latest in Ontario’s condominium industry, and we can’t wait to share our perspective about the participants and program, and to hear your thoughts!

Every year that we attend The Condo Conference, Stratastic's team looks forward to so many exciting elements, especially:

🤓 The informative seminars (which are compatible with the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario's (CMRAO) CPE credits, required for a licensed condo manager's continuing education),

🆕 The chance to check out new products and services, and

🤝 The opportunity to network with both new and familiar faces.

Let’s see what the consensus is on 2023's Condo Conference, as we share our own recap and get your feedback! We invite you to share your feedback in the comment section, and don't forget to take our two polls on what you thought of the seminars, and your overall satisfaction with 2023's The Condo Conference!


The Condo Conference 2023

Networking with Condo Vendors, Property Management Companies, and Condo Managers at The Condo Conference 2023's Tradeshow

It’s always so great catching up with old friends, and making new ones. It’s fun to see the changes in the industry (such as the nifty gadgets and new services that keep creating solutions for industry problems and making our lives easier!).

Check out the exhibitors that participated in The Condo Conference 2023's event, and don't forget that more Condo Vendors can be found on our vendor directory, My Condo Vendor.

🗣️ Sharing is caring! In the comments, tell us which products and condo vendors stuck out to you the most!

Stratastic's Shout-Outs for The Best Product, Best Business, and Best Booth at The Condo Conference 2023!

Here are our top scorers for products and businesses that we enjoyed seeing at this year’s conference, as per our team's recommendations!

Best Product at The Condo Conference 2023: The Security Asset Managers (SAMs) from Canada Risk Solutions!

Best Product Award for a lockable key cabinet

🏆🔐 Best Product: We were impressed by Canada Risk Solutions’ “Security Asset Managers (SAMs)”, which “offers several styles of electronically controlled cabinets to store, audit, and manage your keys and assets”. These devices can be personalized “to secure a wide variety of sensitive items . . . [and] asset retention”. We know how important access control is, not only when guarding against external threats trying to get in, but also internal risks that can have devastating effects on your condo corporation.

Those who have found out that they’re missing master keys (possibly with no idea of who had them last) know the panic and repercussions of such mistakes, and these systems not only help with prevention, but also accountability. Congratulations to Canada Risk Solutions for their innovation with this product, which we think was the Best Product at the 2023 Condo Conference! 👏

Best Business at The Condo Conference 2023: Rimkus (Consulting Experts)

Best Business Award for an Engineering and Technical Consulting Company

🏆🤝 Best Business: We were excited to get to know the team at Rimkus, whose “experts specialize in forensic consulting, dispute resolution, construction management services”, and more! Particularly, we were intrigued by their process of coming in after a corporation experiences an emergency event (such as a floor or fire) to consult on the causes, next steps, and how they can become part of your team to liaison with experts and legal to initiate dispute resolution or litigation processes.

Services such as these take charge and remove a significant chunk of the workload from property managers and the board of directors, which are already overloaded with work and often lack the precise expertise needed to deal with both the construction and legal side of such complex matters. With how often we’re seeing floods in condo corporations, we think having the contact info for professional consultants such as Rimkus won’t hurt!

Congratulations to Rimkus for providing a consulting services that, though unfortunate due to circumstance, we're sure many condo corporations would benefit from! 👏

🛠️💾 By the way, did you know that you can find consultants and engineers, alongside other condo vendors, on our vendor directory, My Condo Vendor? Registered members can even save them to their personal profiles? Join now - it’s free!

Best Booth at The Condo Conference 2023: Shibley Righton LLP's Condo Law Group!

Best Booth Award for a Condo Law company.

🏆🌺 Best Booth: Winning ACMO and CCI's official award for the fourth year in a row (as voted by conference attendees), it’s no surprise that the team at Shibley Righton LLP had the best booth - and we fully agree!

Their “Condominium Law Group is the industry leader in Ontario and features the province’s leading condominium lawyers”, but beyond that, it’s clear at every conference just what sets them apart.

Not only do they come up with clever themes annually (this year they had a Hawaiian theme going) and always seem to be the part of the floor that attracts the most buzz, but it’s clear that, like Hawaiian leis, they are all strung together to form a tightly-knit crew! Congratulations to the team at Shibley Righton’s Condominium Law Group for winning the best booth at the Condo Conference! 👏

📚💾 Shibley Righton’s lawyers are also constantly sharing their expertise with the Condoland citizens, and we’ve archived it all in our resource library, Stak'd! Search for their articles (and more), which you can save directly to your personal profile so you can easily find them in the future! Join now - because really, it’s free! Psst... Shibley Righton's condo lawyers have also collaborated with Stratastic across several blog posts, so be sure to check our posts out now!

The Educational Seminars: Compatible with CMRAO's CPE Credits

Condo Managers: Collecting Those Continued Education Credits!

This year, continued education credits were introduced as a requirement by the CMRAO, and The Condo Conference 2023 was an opportunity to complete up to 60% of the annual requirement for licensed condo managers! What a great opportunity to cross this requirement for licensed condo managers off that never-ending to-do list!

Share your feedback via our poll on the sessions at The Condo Conference 2023: What do you think of this year's educational seminars?

🗣️ In the comments, tell us which seminars you attended, what you learned, and what your overall feedback is!

Tradeshow-Only Tickets to The Condo Conference 2023

FYI... did you know that the Saturday ticket is for “Tradeshow Only”? A lot of participants with these tickets were disappointed to find out that they couldn’t access the seminars (and therefore get their continued education credits). It’s important to note that “Tradeshow Only” tickets only allow access to the trades area (where the vendor booths are located) and not any of the seminars. But don’t worry, you still get access to all the refreshments, too!

Stratastic's Final Thoughts on The Condo Conference 2023 + Your Feedback

The Location for The Condo Conference 2023:

As stated above, in 2023 The Condo Conference returned home to its original venue at The Toronto Congress Center - and attendees seemed excited to welcome it back! For a couple years prior, it had briefly moved to The Enercare Center, which didn’t seem to make too many people happy, for various reasons. From having to walk through the weather to switch buildings from the tradeshow to the seminar, to the trimmed-down refreshment options, and the pricey and problematic parking options, it was no surprise that having it back to the Congress Center was embraced by all. The space seemed bigger and more accessible, the refreshments were satisfying (and the coffee was flowing non-stop!), and the parking was a breeze - and it felt good to be back!

The Educational Sessions + CPE for Licensed Condo Managers

For the most part, many of the sessions were similar to that of years prior, tackling trends in the industry and new concepts with important takeaways. Similar to many, many years past (when ACMO was the body for licensed condo managers and property management companies), The Condo Conference 2023 was once again the go-to for accumulating a large amount of continued education (CPE) credits for licensed condo managers, and participation was huge (good thing the rooms were bigger than those from the previous location)!

Networking Opportunities Between Attendees and Condo Vendors

This part is always a favourite of ours! While we always appreciate re-visiting the booths of the companies and people we've worked with in the past, we also thoroughly enjoy walking the aisles at The Condo Conference and checking out new faces and products. You never know who you'll meet and what nifty new product or service there is to discover! Next year, we'll be doing even more shout-outs to the top condo vendors and attendees, so be sure to find us and say "hi" on the tradeshow floor at The Condo Conference 2024!

The Final Feedback of Attendees from The Condo Conference 2023

What was your overall impression of The Condo Conference 2023? How satisfied were you, in general, with everything that was provided?

🗣️ Sharing is caring! In the comments, tell us your final thoughts on The Condo Conference 2023, and any feedback that you think could make it an even better experience next year! And don't forget to take the quick poll below!

Poll: How satisfied were you with all the general aspects of 2023’s Condo Conference? 


Thanks for checking out our recap of The Condo Conference 2023, and for sharing your thoughts and feedback!

Don’t forget that the networking doesn’t have to stop here… we invite you to join Stratastic’s collective condo community by registering now (yes, for free free!). And if you’re a condo vendor, consider Verifying Your Profile Now (also free, free!) or upgrading your profile to reach an even wider audience!

Let’s interconnect, and stay connected!

-Stratastic Inc.

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Updated on April 10, 2024.

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Fantastic Condo Conference 2023! Kudos to the organizers and we Congratulate the best scorers! Overall, a top-notch experience. Can't wait for next year!

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