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Unlock a Curation of Limitless Knowledge: Stratastic’s Resource Library "Stak'd" Reaches Milestone of 10,000!

Updated: 6 days ago

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Hey you, guess what?!

The team at Stratastic is absolutely thrilled to share some exciting news with you... Our resource library, "Stak'd", has hit a significant milestone - we have now collected a whopping 10,000 resources! 🎉🥳

We couldn't have reached this incredible milestone without the contributions and support of each and every one of you – authors of these resources (who are so graciously sharing their knowledge and experience with every one of us), our dedicated team (who diligently reviews and hand-curates each and every post), our registered members, and every enthusiast in Ontario's condominium industry.

Stratastic was born with the vision to provide easy access to transparent resources for key players like directors, property management, vendors, and residents. And today, with our Resource Library's diverse collection of hand-curated articles, guides, and blogs, we can proudly say we're making that vision a reality.

📚 The Power of Stratastic’s Resource Library: A Valuable Asset for All

Not only is Stack'd a place where you can easily find a vast array of condo-related resources (think of it like a condo-exclusive search engine), but the way it’s built out has several benefits, including:

Laptop on Stratastic's webside

🔍 Easy search capabilities, such as by category or key word. (Psst… we’re working on launching an advanced search function soon!)

🤓 A summary page for each article, containing: basic article details (title, author, publication date, etc.), a quick summary of the article, key words, a referencing citation, and a like button to identify the article as useful for others in our condo community.

Laptop on Stratastic's webside

💾 For our registered users, we've introduced a fantastic feature: the ability to save articles to your private profile. This means you can now bookmark your favorite resources (from the summary page) for easy access in the future. No more frantic searching or scouring through piles of information - with just a few clicks, you can build your personalized library of essential resources!

👓 From the summary page, users can click to “read the full article”. This will take them to the original source that the article was published on, which ultimately drives traffic back to the author (or platform) that originally penned and published it.

Stack'd, our resource library, is not just a place to accumulate a vast amount of information; it's an invaluable tool for everyone involved in the condominium industry. From experienced directors seeking innovative strategies, to property management consultants with a goal of staying proactive and involved, to condo vendors looking for new opportunities, and residents who want to stay informed - there's something for everyone!


👏 Applauding Our Top 20 Individual Authors and Business Publishers- The Real MVPs!

Let's appreciate the content creators who have shared their expertise and knowledge with all Condoland citizens, and therefore built our resource library's vast collection. We'd like to give a special shout-out to the top 20 publishers whose dedication to information-sharing has made a deep impact across the industry, and turned Stratastic's library into an unparalleled resource hub for Ontario’s condominium industry!

A huge thank you to the following authors… 👏👏👏

  1. Raj Kain (Clera Windows): 172 sources

  2. Denise Lash (Lash Condo Law): 156 sources

  3. Steve Huebl (Canadian Mortgage Trends): 140 sources

  4. James Davidson (DHA Condo Law): 139 sources

  5. Ashley DeHaan (Enercare): 77 sources

  6. Robert Van Rhijn (Strata): 62 sources

  7. Anthony Ing (Condonexus): 44 sources

  8. Chad Vavari (Flood Services): 42 sources

  9. An Nguyen (Ontario Condo Law): 40 sources

  10. Brad Gates (Gates Wildlife Control): 32 sources

...and these businesses for sharing their expertise: 🤝🤝🤝

  1. Toronto Condo News: 979 sources

  2. Paul Davis GTA: 142 sources

  3. Tarion: 141 sources

  4. 137 sources

  5. Toronto Realty Boutique: 132 sources

  6. Rainbow Restores: `131 sources

  7. Puroclean: 124 sources

  8. Toronto Condo Team: 106 sources

  9. Rooter Workx: 99 sources

  10. Remi Network: 98 sources.

💖 Join Stratastic's Community Today!

If you're already a part of our Stratastic community, we extend our heartfelt thanks for being a crucial part of our journey so far. And if you're not registered with us yet, what are you waiting for? Join us today to unlock the full potential of Stratastic! As a registered member, you'll have access to our Resource Library, personalized features like saving your favorite articles, and exciting updates on the condominium industry… plus so, so many more!

Together, let's continue to build a brighter, more transparent future for the condominium industry in Ontario. Join Stratastic, where easy access to invaluable resources awaits you.


Once again, thank you to everyone for making this milestone possible! Here's to 10,000 resources and many more to come as we continue to update our Resource Library every wee

-Stratastic Inc.

P.S. Do you have a blog or online platform with information that could benefit Ontario’s condominium community? Contact us ( to include them in our Resource Library, and we’ll help drive traffic right back to you!

P.S.S. Don't forget to subscribe to our blog, and be the first to receive informative content such as this!

Updated on April 28, 2024.


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