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The Role of Content in a Digital World (Community+)

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Community+ Content Creation

Following our first Community+ post, we’re tackling a topic that’s not directly condo-related, but certainly pertinent for all those entrepreneurs in the industry who are looking to distinguish themselves from the rest.

At Stratastic, it’s no secret that we value easy access to information. This is why we regularly update our Resource Library (which currently sits at nearly 8,000 posts) with a huge variety of condo-related content from across the internet. The Resource Library wouldn’t be possible without the generous content creators that are committed to sharing their expertise with others.

But beyond our Resource Library, what’s the role of content in the digital world, and particularly within Condoland?

Mehreen Shahid is here to tackle this important subject. She's the owner of Dark Roast Communications, and has a vast amount of experience creating written content for a diverse client base and audience. She’s also our 2nd Community+ author, and we’re sure her guest post effectively explains why content creation is important for businesses looking to increase their online presence, build your brand, and gain/retain clients.

You may be thinking that you already knew this, but don’t have the team or time to dedicate to creating digital content for your business. This is a problem that many small- to medium-sized businesses have, but it’s also a problem that content creators, such as Mehreen, are committed to crossing off the list for you.

Hiring a content creator may be just what you need to place your company in a brighter and wider public spotlight… so why not give hiring one some consideration?


The Role of Content in a Digital World

Heard the old saying, ‘content is king’? Well, it’s truer than ever in this digital age.

If you’re an entrepreneur whose business moved online during the pandemic, you’ll want to pay attention to this. What we’re going to talk about below also applies if your business was already online pre-pandemic.

An online platform is the digital manifestation of a bricks and mortar business. It’s an easy transformation, but it may not seem easy to convince your customers to buy when you can’t talk to them directly.

But that’s where the magic of well-written content comes in. Strong web copy, newsletters, and blogs can do the talking for you, without you having to leave your desk.

7 Ways Content Benefits Your Online Presence

There’s a new type of customer in town now. They’re called smart buyers. With a sea of knowledge being available at the click of a button, people are no longer buying from the first shop they walk into. Shoppers are doing due diligence and plenty of research before they spend any money. And they’re looking at content — good quality, well-written, authentic, and legitimate — content that subtly tells them the reasons they should buy from you.

If your online platform is missing audience-focused content, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Let’s say you’re convinced you want a content writer to work on your website, so what will that content do for you?

1. Have a conversation with your clients.

The lack of a physical location shouldn’t deter you from having a chat with your clients. Talking to patrons is easily done through well-written content, which smartly tells clients how their problems will be solved by your business or product

Effective web copy can’t only deliver solutions to clients in just a few clicks but also tell them why your business is better than the rest.

That leads us to our second benefit of having effective online content.

2. Show your expertise

Good writing can prove to your customers that your services or products are what they’re looking for. It’s about telling customers that you understand where they’re coming from. Everybody has a unique way of approaching a problem, and if you can show an equally solution, you’re set.

3. Good storytelling retains audiences

Having content on your website is a good start, but knowing the tone for the content is crucial. You can’t talk “at” your clients, you have to talk “to” them. A professional writer will know how to make the content flow smoothly. And the expert will also make sure there are hooks in the writing so readers are gripped. Not to get too technical, but the longer the customer checks out the website, the lower the bounce rate.

Hence, effective copy makes for a healthy website.

Wondering how that happens? Keep reading.

4. Good content reduces bounce rate

We mentioned bounce rate a couple lines ago… in real life, a bounce rate is like someone walking into your bricks and mortar store and then walking right out. Essentially, Google likes a website if visitors stay on it longer than a few seconds. To a search engine, if someone is interacting with a website’s content consistently and for long durations, it will rank higher in searches.

So just like if a customer is convinced to peruse the store for a bit, you’re likely going to be able to have a chat with them, the longer someone stays on a website, the more authentic a rating it gets from a search engine.

5. Well-written copy enhances search engine optimization (SEO)

Ever thought about how Google or any other search engine finds your website and directs people to it? Among other methods, search engines look for keywords on websites and present those with the highest results to the user. Expertly written content hits all the keywords that search engines are looking for, so your website won’t be lost in the universe of all websites.

6. Brand awareness and reputation

Who doesn’t like fame?! The more often you appear in online searches, the higher your brand awareness. And the better you rank on brand awareness, the more eyeballs your products and services receive.

And if your content is written well, and readers find it to be credible, they will share it with peers — earning you more fame and eventually customers.

7. Good content increases customer comfort

People put their faith in those that share information. And the easier it is to understand the information the better it is. Content experts know how to write from readers’ perspectives. Expert copywriters include observations, emotions, and feelings in the their narrative. Writers make it a point to get to know your audience, from the words they use to address customers’ pain points and suggest solutions.

Interacting with customers using strong marketing content also creates a safe space and a feeling of comfort for your loyal patrons.

Types of Content Your Business May Need

Just like all businesses aren’t the same, all content isn’t the same — neither does it serve the same purpose.

Some forms of content to consider are shared below.

  1. Web copy

  2. Newsletters

  3. Blog posts

  4. Social media content

  5. Email marketing content

  6. Brand stories

But why hire someone to do ‘writing’?

It may not be seem like a technical task, such as those that plumbers or electricians or dentists do. But writers are highly trained professionals that understand human psychology, buyer behaviour, and using words to sell. Experienced writers do in-depth research into how to best position your products to your client. A content writer doesn’t just know how to play around with words, their expertise also includes knowing how to present the copy they’ve written.

Write your business destiny

Believe it or not, research shows that investing in good content actually saves money in the long run. Content costs may seem a bit intimidating when you’re first starting out, but building it strategically and consistently goes a long way.

Even in times of crises, like the pandemic, continuing to communicate with buyers consistently with good content gives them an anchor.

And who do you think they’re going to spend on when they can? You got it! They’ll give their money to the one that reassured them and gave them a sense of community.

Mehreen Shahid (Owner at Dark Roast Communications),

for Stratastic Inc.

P.S. Call Mehreen Shahid for further information at 647-201-4553.


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