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Condo Industry Insights: A Look Back at 2023 + Fast Forward to 2024 Projections

The condominium industry in Ontario has seen incredible growth and great innovation during the last year. In the dynamic tapestry of this thriving sector, let’s pause for a minute check out the transformative strides witnessed in 2023, and what 2024 may have in store for us. Taking the time to see where we stand and where we’re going becomes apparent that the condominium sector isn't just about buildings; it's about communities, governance, and a commitment to consumer welfare.

Our condo industry insights encapsulates the pulse of Ontario's condo industry, highlighting pivotal advancements, regulatory changes, technological integrations, and sustainability initiatives that collectively shape the multifaceted condo ecosystem. The Condominium Authority of Ontario, alongside condo boards, property managers, and residents, continues to steer this narrative, advocating for transparency, inclusivity, and sustainable growth. As we anticipate the horizon of the condo landscape, the commitment to innovation, harmony, and community remains unwavering—a testament to the enduring spirit of Ontario's condo industry, poised for a future shaped by progress and inclusivity.

As the curtains draw on another eventful year within our condominium domain, the journey outlined below echoes the resilience and dynamism ingrained in this thriving sector. From bolstering consumer protection to fostering effective governance, embracing digital evolution, and championing sustainability, each stride contributes to an intricate tapestry that defines condo living.

Let's take a moment to look back together at what Condoland achieved in 2023, and what its citizens can expect to come in 2024!

-Stratastic Inc.

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A Look Back at 2023 + Fast Forward to 2024 Projections

Unveiling Insights: Condominium Authority of Ontario's 2023 Milestones

Growing up, up, up: The condominium sector's growth, stemming from the inception of the Condo Act in 1968, has been nothing short of phenomenal, and significant milestones and strides have characterized the Condominium Authority of Ontario's journey in 2023. With nearly 870,000 residential condo units and over 43,000 dedicated condo directors across the province, the industry's expansion underscores its vibrant and ever-evolving nature. This upward trajectory speaks volumes about the appeal of condo living (especially in a real estate market that makes houses unaffordable for most), and it underscores the pivotal role the Condominium Authority of Ontario plays in fostering this growth.

Auditor General: At the core of the CAO's mandate lies an unwavering dedication to consumer protection within condo communities. Most recently, the responsive actions taken concerning the Auditor General's recommendations exemplify the CAO's commitment to fortifying consumer interests. By addressing each recommendation from the Auditor General's report, the CAO strengthened its proactive stance towards ensuring the welfare and rights of condo owners and residents, while also solidifying trust within the sector. These steps are all essential for both the CAO and condo industry’s continued growth and sustainability.

Compliance: On the other hand, a significant stride made by condo corporations was witnessed through their high compliance rate in filing the 2022-23 annual returns—nearly 97%, demonstrating not only an understanding of the legal requirement to comply, but a commitment to transparency and accountability within the sector. These practices are instrumental in fostering trust among key players throughout Condoland, including residents, property managers, and condo boards. Furthermore, such transparency sets a strong foundation for effective communication and decision-making, both of which are vital components in the successful governance of condominiums.

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✨✨✨Expect more focus on prudent financial planning within condo boards ✨✨✨

There may be a concerted effort towards robust budgeting strategies, effective handling of condo fees, and reserve fund management. With reserve funds being grossly underfunded due to the increased costs of construction and labour in a post-pandemic world, many Boards are choosing to disregard the RF engineer’s advice by pushing contributions down the line in order to keep maintenance fees artificially low.

Inappropriate reserve fund deferrals happen to the point that meeting the corporation’s financial obligations will be impossible (especially in case of an emergency), and Owners will eventually be stuck reeling from an especially steep increase or be shocked with an expensive Special Assessment. We anticipate that more discussions will center around how to ensure that homeowners are protected long-term by honing in on the financial decisions that board members can make in the short-term.

Condo Conflict: Harassment + CAT Dispute Resolution

The last couple years have noted a spike in harassment and violence for those in the condominium industry. Regarding this, the proactive stance of many associations and individuals in addressing harassment-related concerns underscores the everyone’s commitment to creating safe and inclusive condo environments. Several leaders have developed support materials, signifying a forward-thinking approach aimed at addressing evolving challenges and fostering harmonious living within condo communities.

The Condominium Authority Tribunal's prominence in providing online dispute resolution continues to rise as its purview continues to grow. Its role in offering binding decisions and guidance to condo communities has proven instrumental in settling disputes effectively. Cases adjudicated by the tribunal have set precedents and offered clarity on various condo-related matters, contributing to the resolution of conflicts. This platform stands as a beacon of conflict resolution within the condo landscape, providing an easier and faster dispute resolution processes than courts did before its inception.

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✨✨✨ Increased Focus on Team + Community Building ✨✨✨

Due to the recent conflict seen in the condo sector and a greater focus on mental health and personal safety, we anticipate that more managers and directors will be mindful of the climate and culture within their condo corporations. A heightened emphasis on team and community engagement, as well as social initiatives within condo complexes, could rise to counter the negativity of recent years. This will likely involve more communication with residents, community events, cultural programs, and shared spaces designed to foster a sense of belonging among residents.

Technology: Innovation + Integration of Virtual/AI Platforms

Recently, regulations changed that allow Boards to conduct their meetings virtually, host Owner’s meetings virtually, email their residents for important corporation matters, and allow electronic voting - all without the hassle of passing the requisite bylaws. It’s great to see this modernization of the condo industry, which makes it more convenient for everyone to attend and tend to the affairs of the corporation.

The leveraging of AI and chatbots for the integration of cutting-edge virtual management, concierge, security, and/or monitoring services within condo communities marks a significant leap in customer service and accessibility. Virtual management and concierge systems offer an efficient means of addressing resident queries and concerns round the clock using AI, which security and monitoring systems can keep virtual “eye” on the property in a manner that’s far beyond the capability of an individual person. Not only do these services enhance safety and convenience for residents, but they also streamline administrative tasks, allowing property managers to focus on more critical aspects of community management.

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✨✨✨ We believe that 2024 will bring an increased Embrace of Smart Tech ✨✨✨

Condo communities are likely to further integrate smart technologies, such as advanced security systems and AI-powered management tools, to enhance convenience, security, and operational efficiency within condo complexes. We’re already seeing companies that are geared up to offer these services, and its capabilities of creating safety and efficiencies within condo communities are eye-opening.

Green Initiatives for Sustainability

The growing popularity regarding installation of electric vehicle charging stations within condo parking areas is a testament to the industry's commitment to sustainable living and ability to adapt to community conveniences. These stations not only promote eco-friendly transportation options but also cater to the evolving needs of condo residents. By embracing green initiatives, corporations contribute to environmental sustainability while catering to the changing preferences and requirements of modern living.


Note: For more information, check out the CAO's Annual Report (2022-2023).


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