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Tenants + Stratastic

Updated: Apr 13

Person signing lease contract

Renting a condominium apartment can have its ups and downs, and not just because you’re likely riding that elevator often. Being thisclose to your neighbours means you have to be especially mindful of how you’re impacting others, especially if you don’t want to cause problems with them, condo property management, your board, or even your landlord!

You have questions, concerns, and a general will to understand more about your home and community, but where to start? Stratastic is here to help by giving you the resources needed to understand the unique nature and responsibilities of renting a home in a condo setting.

Stratastic’s goal is to interconnect the aspects that spell success for tenants, such as objective and diverse resources, including an extensive Resource Library, Vendor Directory, Events, and Insights/News. Users (such as yourself!) can save important resources and contacts to their private profiles.

We have even more exciting features for tenants up our sleeve, so be sure to Register Now to be the first to know!

-Stratastic Inc.

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Updated on April 13, 2024.


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