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Stratastic's on a Mission!

Updated: Apr 13

We're on a mission to dive deeper into Stratastic!

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You already know what Stratastic is, what we do, and why. You also know we believe that connection is missing, and desperately needed, within our condo community. The comments heard from participants across the industry (including from those of you who shared feedback via our previous posts) show us that we’re on the right track. Connection is missing, a solution is needed, and Stratastic aims to be that simple solution.

In light of that, it is with pride that we unveil our mission statement:


" Stratastic's mission is to create connection in the condo community by

acting as a virtual liaison between key players and by

providing access to simple, collaborative, and transparent information. "


We are proud to tackle this challenge, even though we know it will be an ongoing one (perfection is a journey, not a destination, right?).

Mostly, we are looking forward to working together with our contributors; no matter how big or small, everyone’s contribution matters! We hope readers won’t be shy when sharing their perspectives, that those who want to collaborate reach out without hesitation, and that we’ll get the ball rolling on successful dialogue!

Even in Condoland, it still takes a village of contributors to create a condo community. Be part of it - we welcome you! Join the community, and register for updates now.

Cheers to contributing to the condo community!


P.S. October is Small Business Month, and Stratastic is gathering participants for our condo vendor directory, My Condo Vendor! If you are a business that would like to pre-register, or have someone that you'd like to refer, please connect with us! Don't forget to subscribe to our blog, and be the first to receive informative content such as this!

Updated on April 13, 2024.


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