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How to Find Condo Board Members in Ontario: A Resident's Guide to Identifying Current Directors and their Role in the Condo Community

Condo Board Members

Navigating condo living in Ontario involves understanding the dynamics of your condo board. Whether you're a new resident or a seasoned member of the community, knowing how to find and engage with your condo board members is essential. This guide provides you with comprehensive steps and insights into the world of condo boards in Ontario.

Finding More About Condo Board Members in Ontario: Roles, Regulations, and the Rest

Understanding the Role of Condo Board Members in Ontario

When looking for ways on how to find condo board members, it is important to know that condo board members in Ontario shoulder significant responsibilities under the Condominium Act, 1998. They are tasked with making crucial decisions about property maintenance, financial management, and rule enforcement. 

These individuals are elected representatives of the condo owners, playing a pivotal role in shaping the living environment of the community. Understanding their roles and responsibilities is the first step in fostering effective communication and collaboration. Their decisions can impact everything from property values to the daily comfort of residents, making their role integral to the community's well-being. 

It's important to recognize that these members volunteer their time and expertise, often balancing the interests of various stakeholders within the condo community.

Start with the Condo Declaration and By-Laws

Your condo’s declaration and by-laws are foundational documents for any condominium in Ontario. They not only outline the governance structure but also detail the specific roles and responsibilities of the condo board members. These documents are a treasure trove of information, providing insights into the operational framework of the board. 

They are legally required to be compliant with the Condominium Act and are accessible to all residents. Reviewing these documents can give you a clearer understanding of how the board functions and its scope of authority. They often contain contact information for board members or guidelines on how the board communicates with residents.

Attend Annual General Meetings (AGMs)

A good way on how to find condo board members is attending your AGMs. They are crucial for condo residents. They offer a direct line to current board members and insights into the condo's management. As a resident, attending AGMs is important and it allows you to voice your concerns, ask questions, and even participate in the election process of board members - so don’t ditch this important owner’s meeting!. 

It's also an opportunity to network with fellow residents and understand the broader community concerns. Keep an eye out for notices about upcoming AGMs, which are typically posted in common areas or sent via official communication channels. These meetings are a platform for transparency and accountability, where financial statements are presented, and future plans are discussed. 

Explore Official Communication Channels

Effective communication is important and creates compliant communities and most condos in Ontario often utilize various communication channels to disseminate information. These can include dedicated websites, email newsletters, or physical bulletin boards in common areas. This is another way to find condo board members. 

Regularly checking these resources can provide you with updated information about the board members, including their contact details, office hours, and specific roles within the board. Some condos also publish minutes of board meetings or summaries of decisions made, which can be a valuable resource for staying informed about the board's activities. These channels are also a great way to stay updated on upcoming events, maintenance schedules, and other important announcements. 

Contact Your Property Management

The property management company is a vital link between the condo board and the residents. You can find out more about your condo board members from your property management. They can provide you with the current list of board members and the best ways to contact and/or approach them. 

Property managers can also guide you on the appropriate protocol for raising issues or suggestions to the board. Remember, property managers are there to facilitate smooth operations within the condo, and they can often provide insights into the most effective ways to communicate with the board. They can also clarify any misunderstandings and provide guidance on the condo's policies and procedures.

Leverage the Community Network

Your neighbors can be a valuable resource in helping you find condo board members. They can also help you in understanding the dynamics of the condo board. Engaging in conversations with long-standing residents can provide you with historical context and personal experiences regarding the board's operations. 

Community gatherings, social events, or informal meet-ups are excellent opportunities to gather such information. This approach not only helps in finding out about the board members but also in building a sense of community and shared understanding among residents. It's a way to get a sense of the board's reputation and effectiveness from those who have interacted with them directly.

Utilize the Condominium Authority of Ontario’s Public Records

In Ontario, certain information about condo corporations is available in public records, such as those kept by the Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO). You can use this to find condo board members. This can include details about the board members and their tenure. 

Accessing public records can be done online. While this approach might require some effort, it can yield official and comprehensive information about the condo board, ensuring that you have accurate and up-to-date details. Public records can also provide insights into other important information about the condo corporation, including important deadlines for Owner matters and communications. 

Engage on Social Media and Community Forums

Many condo communities in Ontario have embraced digital platforms for communication. Social media groups, online forums, or community apps can be rich sources of information and discussion. Often, you can find existing condo board members there, or scope out the more vocal members as potential future directors. 

These platforms allow for more informal interactions with board members and provide a space for residents to share experiences and advice. However, it's important to approach these platforms with respect and constructiveness, as they are public spaces representing the community. Engaging in these online communities can also help you gauge the general sentiment of residents towards the board and identify any common issues or concerns.

Considering whether social media is right for your community? Find out the pros and cons now!


Finding and engaging with your condo board members in Ontario is a crucial aspect of condo living. By utilizing these strategies, you find condo board members and can gain a deeper understanding of your board's operations, effectively communicate your concerns, and contribute positively to your community. 

Remember, an informed and active resident plays a key role in fostering a vibrant and well-managed condo community.

-Stratastic Inc.

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