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Finding Staff and Jobs in Property Management & the Condo Industry: Simple with Stratastic's "Job Listings" Portal

Ontario's staffing crisis of property managers is well-known across Condoland, and quite the pain point for property management companies looking to staff their client's condo corporations. But, what if it didn't have to be as complicated?

While we all understand that property managers are a dwindling resource, and fewer new managers are joining the industry, these challenges can alleviated a bit by better interconnection between those looking for jobs and the companies that are ready to expand their teams.

How? We're glad you asked!

This year, Stratastic has committed to launching a new feature every month, and we're giving you a sneak peak at February's Feature: Job Listings!


Job Listings on Stratastic

We're so excited to give you a insider's glance at February's feature, Stratastic's new "Job Listings" portal! This feature will be free for personal users, and available to professional companies looking to hire (and guess what - there's a free opportunity available for Verified Vendors... see below)!

Personally, in search of jobs: Those with personal (non-professional) memberships at Stratastic now have the opportunity to anonymously publicly post that they are "in search of" a job, and have any interested parties reach out to them via Stratastic as an intermediary - so the user's identity remains protected by Stratastic and is only revealed if and when they choose to respond to the company who is interested in starting the hiring process!

Professionally, we're hiring! Companies who'd like to list opportunities may do so via the Vendor Directory's "Job Listing" feature, which will be visible on both the company's profile and on our Job Listings feature page. Any interested parties may apply directly. If a company would like to post a job anonymously, please reach our to our team directly via email.

In order to post a job as a company, the company must hold at least a Verified Profile (free of charge and super easy to set up!). Upgraded profiles (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) receive additional perks with this feature and others - check out which option is best for you now!.

Limited Time Offer: For a short time, we're offering extra perks FOR FREE to those looking to boost their profile - and this includes one job listing on us! Don't miss this opportunity, register now!


Whether you're a personal or professional member of Stratastic, sign up now to take advantage of this, and many more, opportunities to create interconnection in our condo community.

Welcome to an exciting new feature of Stratastic, and what may be the new a new chapter in your career!

-Stratastic Inc.

P.S. Make sure you're registered now to be the first to know once this new feature officially launches!


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