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Condo Managers + Stratastic

Updated: Apr 13

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Being a Condo Manager isn’t just about knowing everything about condos and taking care of your corporation(s), but also fostering a positive long-term relationship with various groups of people, including (but not limited to): coworkers, the board, residents, and vendors.

So much to do, so little time… and you’re just one person!

All this prompts us to ask… how are you keeping up? Are you feeling the crunch, or even worse… the burn?

We understand how tightly-budgeted management contracts have become and how short-staffed property management companies often are, especially when it comes to the areas of support (supervisory) staff and training. Unfortunately, this usually results in heavy pressure on condo managers to work in a highly independent manner, and to make sure that everything works out just right in order to maintain personal and professional reputations.

That’s a lot to deal with, and we haven’t even gotten to condominium boards, and residents, and vendors for condominium corporations… oh my!

Many aspects of this industry and its components are unique: the corporations, the clients (directors and residents), and the day-to-day situations, and there really are an abundance of sources out there that tackle many of these matters… if you know where to look and how to find them. Condomanagers often encounter problems of accessibility, transparency, and objectivity when looking for educational resources and other condo-related materials, and supervisors don’t always have the time to provide the necessary support, either.

Stratastic’s goal is to interconnect the aspects that spell success for property managers, such as:

  • Objective and diverse resources, such as an extensive Resource Library, Vendor Directory, Events, and Insights/News. Users (such as yourself!) can save important resources and contacts to their private profiles, and an employee’s management company can personalize their staff’s profiles with preferred vendors and important resources.

  • Automatic condo-specific reminders (ex: important budget and owner’s meetings dates), with the ability for each user to further personalize their planners. Just set it, and you won’t forget it - because we do the rest!

  • Access to easy-to-use tools, such as automated tools to calculate important meeting/task deadlines (AMGs, budgets, owner’s meetings, etc.).

By registering with Stratastic (it’s free), you’re receiving access to an exhaustive collection of resources, condo vendors, and tools that will help pave your path to success. Furthermore, you’re keeping on top of HR strategies and a plethora of condo-related materials that will help you understand and utilize all the key components required for successful condo operations and general property management.

We can’t wait to help you achieve more in the easiest and most effective way possible!

-Stratastic Inc.

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Updated on April 13, 2024.


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