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Stratastic Sneak Peek: ACMO-CCI Condo Conference & Small Business Month!

Updated: Apr 13

Man covering his face

Ghosts, goblins, and ghouls, oh my!

These are all words that you may use to describe October (along with gravy, turkey, and everyone complaining about being stuffed), but here at Stratastic, October is also a chance for us to share what we've learned at the ACMO-CCI 2022's "The Condo Conference" and to showcase vendors during Small Business Month!

So bring on the pumpkin spice, and get ready for the Blog to rev up starting right now!

The Condo Conference features "two days of education, networking, exploring the exhibitor booths and creating memories with peers and other members from the condo community", from September 30 to October 1 at the Enercare/Beanfield Centre in Toronto.

Pssst... here are some quick links for your convenience: Registration and Program.

According to ACMO-CCI, The Condo Conference is a great opportunity to: "(1) learn from industry experts during the dozens of educational sessions that will be offered throughout the duration of the conference, (2) browse the exhibitor floor and build relationships with some of the industry's most valuable members and suppliers, (3) network with industry peers and experts from the community that you wouldn't have the chance to connect with anywhere else, and (4) learn about the latest trends and innovations in the condominium community from other members within the industry. Gain new skills and knowledge by hearing about their experiences and by sharing your own!".

Speaker at a lecture

Stratastic will be reporting on the event, as well as summarizing all Concurrent Sessions in our Blog posts, including:

"Rapid Fire Legislation: Free Legal Tips",

"Communication: Put a bow on it!",

"Staffing: Where did everyone go?",

"Energy: Positive Energy",

"Insurance: Patrick's Done It Again",

"Mental Wellness: Mind Full of Mindful?"

"Technology & Business: Working Smarter"

"Rapid Fire Maintenance: Are you missing out?", "Rapid Fire Engineering: Better than adequate", "Future Planning, Funding & Finances: Reaching your limits", "State of the Industry: Still Going Viral", "Governance & Ethics: Decisions and Dynamics", "Funding/ Finances: Show Me the Money", and "Case Law Update & Closing: Condos in the Courts".

If you can't attend the The Condo Conference but want to know what happened, or you just want to stay in the loop with Stratastic, don't forget to register for updates now >>>

As ACMO-CCI's states, The Condo Conference is a great place to network. It's a place where businesses can extend their reach, and where Property Management, Directors, and Homeowners can connect with vendors for property maintenance. Stratastic knows how important creating interconnection is, which is why we're using next month to showcase small businesses on our Blog.

Woman on the phone

We can't wait to fall into October and start connecting our condo community!

-Stratastic Inc.

P.S. October is Small Business Month!

If you'd like to add your business to our vendor directory, My Condo Vendor, please register now!

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Updated on April 13, 2024.


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