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Proper Condo Pool Etiquette: Let's Dive into National Swimming Pool Day!

Updated: 7 days ago

National Swimming Pool Day is the perfect time to highlight the importance of condo pool etiquette and cleanliness in any condominium community lucky enough to have its own pool (if you have one, please invite us!).

A well-maintained pool is a fantastic amenity that everyone can enjoy, but it requires collective effort from both residents and managers to keep it clean, safe, and enjoyable.

Hang up. We are going swimming! - Lillo & Stitch 20
Family enjoying at the pool.

Here are some tips to cover the basics.

Condo Pool Etiquette for Residents

Respect Pool Rules: Follow posted pool rules, such as no running, no diving in shallow areas, and observing pool hours. Safety matters, and always comes first - especially in a condo pool.

Shower Before Swimming: Always take a thorough shower before entering the pool to rinse off sweat, lotions, and oils that can contaminate the water. Some condo pool rules will require using soap, while other specifically advise against it - so be sure to understand the policy at your condominium!

Keep the Pool Clean: Dispose of trash properly and avoid bringing food or glass containers into the pool area. Use designated areas for eating and drinking. Just think of the costs of cleaning a whole pool just because someone dropped their XL Nutella milkshake… or their triple bacon burger… And don't forget - the costs of cleaning a pool are usually back-charged to the offending resident, so keep it clean or get ready to cover those costs!

Be Considerate of Others: Share the space courteously, avoid disruptive behaviour or playing loud music without asking for permission, and be mindful of swimmers around you.

Maintaining a Clean and Safe Condo Pool

The man is cleaning the pool.

Hire Quality Services: Condominiums should invest in a trustworthy pool installation, cleaning, and maintenance company. Look for condo vendors with excellent reviews and certifications to ensure high standards of service.

Do that with just one click right here: My Condo Vendor has plenty of pool maintenance providers to check out!

Regular Maintenance: Schedule regular maintenance checks to monitor water quality, clean filters, and inspect pool equipment. This prevents issues from escalating and ensures the pool remains safe for all users.

Educate Residents: Inform residents about the importance of pool etiquette and cleanliness through newsletters, social media, and signage around the pool area. You can even share this blog directly to them!


Condo managers, invest in quality maintenance services, and residents, do your part to keep the pool pristine. Let’s work together to enjoy a sparkling, inviting pool all summer long! No, really, please invite us….

Happy Swimming Pool Day!

-Stratsatic Inc.

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