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Condo Owners + Stratastic

Updated: Jul 15

Homeowners in their new apartment

Ahh, the joys of home ownership… and the confusion that often comes with being a condo owner. There’s really nothing quite like it is there?

Being thisclose to your neighbours, paying those monthly maintenance fees, and trying to stay on top of not only the corporation’s operations, but general condo regulations and practices, too!

You thought living in a condo would be convenient, but it’s not so easy all the time. You have questions, concerns, and a general will to understand more about your home and/or investment(s), but where to start?

Stratastic is here to help by giving you the resources needed to understand the complexity of Condoland as it pertains to one of its most important citizens - homeowners. Stratastic’s goal is to interconnect the aspects that spell success for homeowners, such as:

  • Objective and diverse resources, such as an extensive Resource Library, Vendor Directory, Events, and Insights/News. Users (such as yourself!) can save important resources and contacts to their private profiles.

  • Automated condo-specific reminders (ex: important budget and owner’s meetings dates), with the ability for each user to further personalize their planners. Just set it, and you won’t forget it - because we do the rest! You’ll know exactly when to expect key documents and information about your corporation(s), so you’ll never be left out of the loop!

  • Access to easy-to-use tools, such as automated tools to calculate important meeting/task deadlines (AMGs, budgets, owner’s meetings, etc.).

We have even more exciting features for homeowners up our sleeve, so be sure to Register Now to be the first to know!

-Stratastic Inc.

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Updated on April 13, 2024.


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