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Why Your Bathroom Smells Like Sulfur and How to Fix It

Chad Vanvari
Publication date:
October 8, 2019
Article Summary: 

Why Your Bathroom Smells Like Sulfur And How To Fix It
Have you noticed a foul smell in your bathroom? Does your bathroom smell like sewage or sulfur after a shower? Does your toilet smell after each flush? If it does, it is likely because of the production of hydrogen sulfide gas, otherwise known as sewer gas.

After you determine whether the source is coming from the water or the drain, and whether it is confined to only that area or the rest of your home, you can decide how to deal with it.

Here's more information about why your bathroom or kitchen sink smells like sulfur, and how to fix it.

If the smell is only present in the hot water, it may be the hot water heater.

If the water is the source of the odour, check your water in other fixtures in your home.

A common cause of these odours is contaminated water softeners, so replace the filter to fix this issue.

To disinfect the overflow, fill up the sink with water, pour in half a cup of bleach, and continue filling the sink until the water begins to overflow.


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Chad Vanvari
Why Your Bathroom Smells Like Sulfur and How to Fix It
October 8, 2019
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