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What Is a Site Analysis for Architecture Projects? Checklist & Steps

Peter Landau
Publication date:
July 26, 2022
Article Summary: 

What Is a Site Analysis for Architecture Projects? Checklist & Steps

Site analysis in architecture is a process that involves research and analysis of the social, historical, climatic, geographic, legal and infrastructure aspects of a location. It provides an architect with data on sun and shade patterns, movement and circulation patterns and land use, as well as public space vs. private space. It is also helpful for the general contractor and subcontractors that work under the general contractor. The purpose of a site analysis is to help architects make more insightful decisions when designing their structure or building. It also establishes the parameter by which to create the best design for the physical and environmental features of the site.

A site analysis is the purpose of researching the existing conditions of the project site, including any imminent or potential future conditions, to inform the design process. It involves examining the location, size, topography, zoning and traffic conditions, as well as the climate of the area. Future developments must also be considered in addition to any changes that might occur on the site or surrounding area, such as road changes, cultural patterns and other significant buildings. The more details you get, the better your site analysis will be. Before construction can begin, you need to take these three steps to deliver a more informed architectural site analysis.


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Peter Landau
What Is a Site Analysis for Architecture Projects? Checklist & Steps
July 26, 2022
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