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Is Your Team Ready to Protect Your Corporation

Michael Gavendo
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The article discusses the opioid crisis and its potential impact on condominium communities. The author, who has experience in the security and concierge industry, emphasizes the importance of training and preparedness for security and concierge teams in handling opioid-related emergencies. The article provides a real-life example of how proper training and the availability of Naloxone nasal spray saved a person's life during an opioid overdose incident. The author encourages condominium managers to consider stocking Naloxone application devices in their first-aid kits and highlights the significance of The Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act in addressing the crisis.


opioid crisis, condominium management, security, concierge, training, Naloxone nasal spray, overdose, emergency response, liability, insurance, Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act, preparedness, first-aid kits, opioid-related deaths, common areas, emergency situations.

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Michael Gavendo
Is Your Team Ready to Protect Your Corporation
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