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Extension Cord Safety In Homes (Do’s and Don’ts)

PuroClean Canada
Publication date:
February 15, 2019
Article Summary: 

The most important details of using extension cords in homes are to purchase only cords approved by an independent testing laboratory, plug major appliances directly into a wall receptacle outlet, unplug cords when not being used, use cords only temporarily, keep cords out of the path of foot traffic, have a qualified electrician install additional outlets, inspect cords before using them, and use polarized and/or three-prong plugs. PuroClean is a leading commercial and residential restoration franchising company that offers fire and water cleanup and restoration services, mould mitigation and remediation, and biohazard cleanup and removal throughout the US and Canada through its franchise network of over 300 offices. Don't overload extension cords with too many appliances, run cords through water or snow, chain multiple extension cords, use indoor extension cords outdoors, force a three-prong plug into two-prong outlets, use staples or nails to attach cords to a surface, and cram cords together.


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PuroClean Canada
Extension Cord Safety In Homes (Do’s and Don’ts)
February 15, 2019
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