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We're at The Condo Conference: Calling all Vendors, Property Managers, Directors, and Residents!

Updated: Apr 13

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Well, here we are. We wish we could say we're bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and hopefully a few extra coffees will help us with the former, but we are definitely excited to participate in the event and looking forward to the networking and the concurrent sessions!

Stratastic's at ACMO-CCI's The Condo Conference, and this is our first big step in creating connection... but we can't do that without you! How? Glad you asked, because it's simple!

Everyone can benefit from staying in the loops and becoming part of Stratastic's interconnected condo community! As promised, we'll be sure to bring back all the info for you, just make sure that you're registered to receive asap!

Condo Vendors and contractors (including condo Property Management companies) are invited to register for our upcoming Vendor Directory, where you can expand your reach to those who are looking exactly for the services you offer!

Furthermore, condo vendors who own a small business (less than 50 employees) are invited to apply to be showcased on our blog next month (October is Small Business Month)!

It's a full day of concurrent sessions, visiting condo vendor booths, and in-person mingling with those who we've missed during the pandemic, and we're excited to dive right into where we left things off! We have tons to cover and lots of people to connect with, so let's get going!

...but first, coffee! ☕


P.S. If there's a condo vendor or a particular item that you'd like us to look at for you, don't hesitate to let us know! Contact us now. Don't forget to subscribe to our blog, and be the first to receive informative content such as this!

Updated on April 13, 2024.


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