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Attention, Condo Industry Vendors – Your Success Just Got a Boost!

Hey there, hardworking vendors of the condo industry! We understand the grind you go through every day to ensure the smooth functioning of this industry and the comfort of residents in well-maintained buildings. The challenges of juggling demanding projects across various condo buildings while trying to attract new clients can be overwhelming, especially if you're not on those exclusive vendor lists that dictate which vendors to use.

We see the dedication you've poured into building your company and delivering top-notch quality work. At Stratastic, we felt the need to give businesses like yours the opportunity to soar to new heights while simultaneously promoting your brand.

Our journey began in 2022 with the first phase of our vendor directory, where you could showcase only essential information about your business. But we knew we could do more – provide an integral, transparent, and accessible directory for all.

Excitingly, we are now thrilled to announce the launch of our newest vendor directory – a platform that speaks for itself, empowering you to generate new leads and supercharge your business. Let's dive into some of the incredible features this platform brings to the table:

  • Posts: Potential clients want to know not just what your business does but also about its culture, insights, and knowledge. Now, you can post blog articles, engage in community discussions, share events, and contribute community articles. Showcase your business's unique insights through posts that resonate with clients.

  • Job Listings: In this competitive industry, finding skilled workers is crucial. Use our jobs section to post job vacancies and connect with potential workers looking for exciting opportunities.

  • Showcase Everything About Your Business: Take pride in your achievements and the cause your business supports. With our profile builder, create a fully customizable "About Us" section. Add text in various fonts and sizes, insert pictures, buttons, calls to action, comparison tables, and even HTML coding to share engaging content like YouTube videos or TikToks. Unleash your creativity and personalize your page to stand out.

  • Share Your Amazing Work: Display a photo gallery of everything that makes your business unique and outstanding. Whether it's a completed concrete project, an impressive plumbing system installation, or photos from a successful event your company hosted, flaunt it all in your personalized photo/video gallery.

  • Communicate with Potential Clients: We're thrilled about this one! Clients visiting your profile can now easily reach out. A contact form on your profile sends inquiries directly to the email of your choice, streamlining communication for both parties.

  • Offers: Stay competitive by uploading offers or discounts your company provides. Whether it's a "Free Inspections" promotion or a "15% off on carpet cleaning this month," our coupon section makes it easier for you to attract more business.

And these are just a taste of the fantastic features in our new vendor directory. Managing your profile and information is a breeze with our simplified vendor platform. So, what are you waiting for? Claim your business, explore our upgraded profiles, and gain access to these and many more features. We're excited to connect vendors like you with the wider condo community, including property managers, boards, and residents who are already registered with us! 


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