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A Labour of Love ❤️

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

The concept behind Stratastic has been consistently compounding for many years now, and during this time, our team has taken every opportunity to better understand the multi-faceted condo sector and its key players.

Since summer 2022, we’ve focused on transforming this idea of industry interconnectedness into an actual reality, and it has been a true labour of love. 💞

Seeing a project of this magnitude grow from seed to the start of fruition is rewarding in itself, but it's the people who have joined our journey that have made it extra sweet.

Those who have inspired us from start to launch formed the origins of our condo community… an epicenter that will continue expand to form the collective we’re envisioning. Thank you to those who have already contributed to our passion project - you helped shaped Stratastic into what it is and what it will become.


Do you want a piece of our heart?

We invite you to join us for BIG REVEAL on March 1, 2023! 💌

REGISTER NOW and be the first to receive full and immediate access at launch, as well as important updates throughout the year!

Pssst... registering is free, so you can save that money for even more Valentine's chocolates! 💝


We wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day, where you share the love with whomever and whatever you hold dearest to your heart… from the persons you’re most passionate about to your passion projects!

We can’t wait to share our labour of love with you all… very, very soon!

Happy Valentine's Day!

-Stratastic Inc.


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