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Working with your Residents: Setting Expectations in EV Charging

Joshua Paras
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As the popularity of Electric Vehicles (EVs) continues to grow, condominiums face the challenge of meeting residents' expectations for EV charging infrastructure. This article emphasizes the importance of planning ahead for EV charging to prevent costly and time-sensitive work in the future and keep residents satisfied. It discusses the increasing adoption of EVs in Canada and the need for charging infrastructure. The article suggests working with residents to plan for EV charging, installing networked EV charging systems with load management, and setting clear expectations for ownership and cost allocation. It explains how to handle the costs, responsibilities, and billing associated with EV charging infrastructure. Additionally, the article advises consulting unbiased EV charging experts to ensure a successful EV charging project.


Electric Vehicles (EVs), EV charging, condominiums, charging infrastructure, residents, planning, networked charging systems, load management, cost allocation, billing, EV charging experts.

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Joshua Paras
Working with your Residents: Setting Expectations in EV Charging
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