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Window Pain

Ryan Griffiths
Publication date:
February 2, 2022
Article Summary: 

The article discusses the significant cost and considerations involved in replacing windows in high-rise condominiums. Window replacement is often the most expensive project a condominium corporation undertakes, making the decision complex due to factors such as increasing construction costs, inflation, and the impact on unit values. The article advises condo boards to weigh the total cost of refurbishment versus replacement, the benefits of addressing the project immediately versus deferring it, and the potential positive influence on unit values. Additionally, it suggests combining window replacement with other projects and considers funding options, including special assessments and loans to the condominium corporation, with the possibility of empowering owners to decide on the best approach for their community.


Window replacement, high-rise condominium, condominium corporation, refurbishment, total cost, inflation, unit values, resident benefits, special assessment, loan, borrowing bylaw, funding alternatives, decision-making.

Source Citation: 
Ryan Griffiths
Window Pain
February 2, 2022
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