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Why you should consider tenants with pets in Ontario

Tolobi Rental Team
Publication date:
November 16, 2022
Article Summary: 

Landlords in Ontario should consider tenants with pets as a major red flag from prospective tenants. Pets are often considered family members and are treated with the respect and care that humans receive. Considering pet owners will increase competition for vacant properties and help sign a lease faster for higher rent. Unless you live in a condo that prohibits pets or have severe pet allergies, "no pet" clause is void in your lease. The Tolobi Concierge Team offers property management services to help landlords manage their rental business.

They can offer a property well-suited for pets, such as a townhouse with a fenced yard, to attract long-term leases. Tenants will stay longer due to the limited pet-friendly options in the market, and pets can help maintain the property by alerting their owners of any intruders or catching bugs in the basement. Despite its potential risks, making a property pet-friendly can help landlords secure happier and qualified tenants more quickly for higher rent.


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Tolobi Rental Team
Why you should consider tenants with pets in Ontario
November 16, 2022
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