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Why You Need A Reliable Business Continuity Plan

Kris Hughes
Publication date:
June 3, 2022
Article Summary: 

Why You Need A Reliable Business Continuity Plan

Business continuity planning is a process by which businesses can prepare themselves to weather potential threats and keep their project plans, schedules and processes intact. It is a plan to assist a business when and if there's an emergency or potential threat to its solvency, such as natural disasters, fires and earthquakes, or man-made risks such as cyberattacks. It is not the same as a business plan, which contains the executive summary, company info, market research and strategies, etc. It is important to have a business continuity plan in place as it is better to have one than not. A business continuity plan is an actionable document that helps companies overcome difficulties and natural disasters.

It includes critical business areas and processes, business data, risk assessment, business continuity impact analysis, and a recovery time objective. Data analysis is the only way to accurately understand what aspects of the business are successful and which aren't. Risk assessment is used to identify potential risks and risk mitigation strategies to implement. Business continuity impact analysis is done to determine the consequences of a sudden loss of business operations, units or processes.


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Kris Hughes
Why You Need A Reliable Business Continuity Plan
June 3, 2022
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