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Why Are Regular Mold Inspections Necessary For Your Home?

Icon Restoration Services Inc
Publication date:
July 12, 2021
Article Summary: 

Regular mold inspections are crucial to maintaining a healthy home. Mold spores can be dangerous to one's health and can cause respiratory issues, allergic responses, nausea, and headaches. A professional mold inspection can help detect moisture and leaks in the house, prevent the spread of mold, avoid health risks, and get the true value of a property. Mold inspections are particularly important when purchasing a new home, as it can help with negotiations and ensure a mold-free environment. While testing for mold when none is evident may not be necessary, regular mold inspections can prevent mold growth and the potential health risks associated with it. Icon Restoration provides mold removal services and has a team of specialists with specialized training and equipment to respond quickly and complete the necessary mold removal.


mold inspection, health risks, moisture, leaks, property value, negotiations, mold-free environment, Icon Restoration.

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Icon Restoration Services Inc
Why Are Regular Mold Inspections Necessary For Your Home?
July 12, 2021
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