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Who's Responsible For Sewer Main Backups?

Publication date:
February 11, 2020
Article Summary: 

The article discusses the responsibility of condo boards or property management companies to maintain the sewer main in a condominium building, including repair and replacement, to ensure that it is free from blockages, backups, or damage. The responsibility also extends to cleaning up after a backed-up pipe in a resident’s unit, which could be caused by root intrusion, blockages from fat, oil, and grease, corrosion, or a burst pipe due to temperature fluctuations. The article also suggests preventive measures and easy fixes for residents to maintain their personal pipes and avoid clogs. The importance of proper sewer line maintenance is highlighted to prevent sewer gases, which can be hazardous to health, from leaking into homes. Sewer gases can be detected by their rotten egg smell. The article recommends regular maintenance schedules for both the common area drains and the residents' systems to avoid emergency costs and minimize the need for sewer line replacement.


sewer main, condominium building, blockages, backups, damage, property management, backed-up pipe, root intrusion, fat, oil, grease, corrosion, burst pipe, temperature fluctuations, preventive measures, personal pipes, clogs, sewer gases, hazardous, health, rotten egg smell, regular maintenance schedules, common area drains, emergency costs, sewer line replacement.

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Who's Responsible For Sewer Main Backups?
February 11, 2020
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