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Where to Recycle or Dispose of Old Windows & Doors

Raj Kain
Publication date:
July 6, 2020
Article Summary: 

This article discusses the various ways homeowners can dispose of old windows and doors after replacing them. The author suggests donating to local organizations such as Building Materials Reuse Centres or Habitat for Humanity ReStores or upcycling them into DIY projects such as bookshelves, plant racks, or greenhouse construction. The article also highlights signs that indicate it's time to upgrade windows and doors and recommends contacting local service providers like Clera Windows + Doors to install new energy-efficient windows and doors.


recycling, windows, doors, hazardous waste, disposal, DIY projects.

Source Citation: 
Raj Kain
Where to Recycle or Dispose of Old Windows & Doors
July 6, 2020
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