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When Should a Condominium Manager Engage a Lawyer?

Van Smith, RCM
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Condominium managers play a crucial role in identifying when it's necessary to engage a lawyer for legal matters concerning the condominium corporation. This article discusses practical circumstances in which property managers should advise condominium directors to seek legal advice. The article highlights key situations such as contacting the solicitor, dealing with status certificates, reviewing contracts and requests for proposals, updating by-laws and rules, handling lawsuits and legal claims, managing surveillance camera footage, and seeking guidance before recommending legal action. It emphasizes the importance of involving legal professionals to ensure compliance, protect the corporation's interests, and navigate legal complexities.


Condominium manager, lawyer engagement, legal matters, condominium directors, status certificates, contracts, by-laws, rules, lawsuits, legal claims, surveillance cameras, legal advice, ACMO Professional Services and Trades Directory.

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Van Smith, RCM
When Should a Condominium Manager Engage a Lawyer?
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