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What to Do If a Tree Falls on Your House

Rainbow International of Mississauga & Halton
Publication date:
November 7, 2021
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In case a tree falls on your house, the first thing to do is to evacuate the house, call 911, and not climb onto the roof or the fallen tree. The two most common reasons for a tree to fall are root damage and weather. Homeowners should keep their trees' roots healthy to prevent most disasters. Homeowner insurance policies usually cover at least some of the damage caused by fallen trees, including the cost of removing the tree and the damage to your property. Contacting an arborist is recommended to ensure that everything is done correctly during the tree removal. If you need help dealing with the aftermath of a fallen tree, Rainbow Restoration offers full-spectrum disaster restoration services, including debris removal and cleanup, water removal and drying, and home reconstruction.


fallen tree, evacuate, safety, homeowner insurance, arborist, Rainbow Restoration, disaster restoration services.

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Rainbow International of Mississauga & Halton
What to Do If a Tree Falls on Your House
November 7, 2021
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