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What To Do About Kitec Pipes

Inderpreet Suri
Publication date:
August 2, 2022
Article Summary: 

Kitec pipes were installed in residential buildings as a cost-effective alternative to copper piping, but they have proven to be problematic due to premature failure caused by dezincification of brass fittings and an increased risk of rupture in the polyethylene aluminum piping. The failures can lead to major flooding and extensive damage. Condominium boards should hire an engineering company to inspect their water system for Kitec pipes and, if found, replace them promptly. Unit owners who refuse to replace Kitec pipes can be charged for the replacement costs, and the Condominium Act allows the corporation to enter the unit to perform the work if necessary. A class action lawsuit against the manufacturer and associated companies was settled in 2011, but the deadline for submitting claims has passed. Condominiums and unit owners should address the issue promptly to avoid potential damages.


Kitec pipes, condominiums, plumbing, cost-effective, copper piping, dezincification, premature failure, flooding, engineering company, replacement, unit owners, Condominium Act, compliance order, class action lawsuit, settlement fund, eligible persons, claim deadline, catastrophic damage.

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Inderpreet Suri
What To Do About Kitec Pipes
August 2, 2022
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