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What Protects a Board or Manager from Excessive Questioning?

James Davidson
Publication date:
July 7, 2022
Article Summary: 

Condominium managers and board members often face excessive questioning and demands for extra information from a small group of owners. While most questions can be easily answered, some owners insist on receiving detailed information beyond what is contained in the corporation's records. The Condominium Authority Tribunal (CAT) has clarified that condominium corporations are not required to provide "extra" information beyond what is in the records. Owners are generally entitled only to the information available in the records.

However, if an owner persists and refuses to accept the corporation's response, they have several options to place additional burden on the corporation, including making numerous requests for records or challenging the adequacy of available records. This can lead to increased costs for the corporation, and the practical result is often to provide all requested records and extra details to avoid further challenges.

To protect managers and boards from such situations, it is suggested that the Act and Regulations be amended to require owners to cover the cost if they desire or need additional information beyond the basic information available to all owners.


Condominium managers, board members, excessive questioning, extra information, Condominium Authority Tribunal, CAT, condominium records, records requests, burden, costs, Act and Regulations.

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James Davidson
What Protects a Board or Manager from Excessive Questioning?
July 7, 2022
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