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What Kind of Furniture Can I Use in My Condo’s Lobby?

Sarah McKenzie, Samantha Angel and Lisa Marie Brennan
Publication date:
January 18, 2019
Article Summary: 

This article discusses the guidelines issued by the Toronto Fire Services to prevent multi-residential fires in the Toronto area that were caused by furniture. The guidelines place restrictions on the type of furnishings allowed within evacuation routes of multi-residential buildings, including condos. The article explains seven different compliance options available to bring the building into compliance, which include installing sprinklers, smoke alarms or detectors, and removing furniture that does not meet the guideline. The article stresses the importance of means of egress, which is a continuous and unobstructed way of exit travel from any point in a building or structure to a public way. It also offers some scenarios to illustrate when furniture needs to meet fire standards. The article concludes by encouraging building owners and property managers to take action to ensure their buildings are compliant, considering that the Toronto Fire Services could issue a maximum fine of $100,000 for corporations and $50,000 for individuals for violations. The article also suggests that even when fire-rated furniture is not required, it is advisable to choose them to prevent fatalities from toxic gas in case of a fire.


furniture guidelines, multi-residential fires, Toronto Fire Services, compliance options, means of egress, and fire-rated furniture.

Source Citation: 
Sarah McKenzie, Samantha Angel and Lisa Marie Brennan
What Kind of Furniture Can I Use in My Condo’s Lobby?
January 18, 2019
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