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What Is Preconstruction? Activities, Checklist & More

William Malsam
Publication date:
July 12, 2022
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What Is Preconstruction? Activities, Checklist & More

The preconstruction phase in construction project management is the preliminary planning and engineering services that the construction company implements before construction begins. It involves defining the project and identifying risks, planning and scheduling the scope and cost estimation, and providing the client with a cost and schedule for the construction project. The main reason for preconstruction is to ensure that you're doing the due diligence before you start building, as without it, you can lose money and people can get hurt. ProjectManager is construction project management software that helps you plan your build so you can see if it's worth pursuing. The preconstruction phase is a practical process that requires real people collaborating in real time to create proper estimations, designs, schedules and budgets.

It can be broken down into five main activities: model coordination, material takeoff, construction estimating, and labor, equipment sourcing and rentals. Model coordination involves creating a scaled-down version of what will be constructed during the project, while material takeoff involves forecasting what and how many materials are needed for the project. Construction estimating involves estimating the costs and prices associated with the project. All of these activities are essential for the successful completion of the project.
The bidding process is essential for determining who to partner with for the upcoming construction. Competing firms will submit their bids or tenders and the general contractor will decide which best fits their needs and financial commitments. Preconstruction meetings are essential to ensure subcontractors are fully informed of the building plans and reduce cost overruns and delays. An agenda should be created and documentation to review is important, such as a project contract, design, schedule, safety plan, site plan, quality plan and communication plan.


construction project management software, preconstruction phase, due diligence, cost estimation, scheduling, construction estimating

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William Malsam
What Is Preconstruction? Activities, Checklist & More
July 12, 2022
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