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What Is Organizational Planning in Project Management?

William Malsam
Publication date:
September 10, 2021
Article Summary: 

What Is Organizational Planning in Project Management?

Organizational planning is how business owners organize the day-to-day operations of a business. It provides a clear path forward and helps companies develop effective planning and achieve their stated goals. It is also helpful because a prepared company responds better to changes in the workplace. There are various types of organizational planning goals, from workforce development and financial planning to products, services and expansion planning. Organizational planning is the process of clarifying the roles, responsibilities and expectations of everyone in the company.

It is divided into four phases: Strategic Planning, Tactical Planning, Operational Planning, and Contingency Planning. Strategic Planning is the big picture view for the company, while Tactical Planning is the short-term goals. Operational Planning involves setting up work schedules, policies, rules and regulations, assigning specific tasks, and creating a protocol for tracking work. Contingency planning involves having a backup plan or two in case of unforeseen events or issues.


organizational planning, organizational structure, business strategy, work flow, business plan, tactical planning, strategic planning, operational planning, contingency planning

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William Malsam
What Is Organizational Planning in Project Management?
September 10, 2021
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