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What Is Company Culture If You Don’t Have an Office?

Publication date:
April 14, 2023
Article Summary: 

The blog post titled "What Is Company Culture If You Don't Have an Office?" on the Workhuman website explores the concept of company culture in the context of remote work and distributed teams. It discusses how traditional notions of company culture, which were often tied to physical office spaces, need to be reimagined in a remote work environment. The article emphasizes that company culture is not solely determined by physical proximity, but rather by shared values, communication, collaboration, and a sense of belonging among team members. It provides insights and tips on fostering a strong company culture in a remote work setting, including the importance of frequent and meaningful communication, virtual team-building activities, and prioritizing employee well-being. The blog post encourages organizations to embrace the new possibilities and challenges of remote work to create a positive and inclusive company culture.


Workhuman, Blog, Company culture, Remote work, Distributed teams, Physical office, Shared values, Communication, Collaboration, Sense of belonging, Remote work environment, Virtual team-building, Employee well-being, Inclusive culture.

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What Is Company Culture If You Don’t Have an Office?
April 14, 2023
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