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What Is a Work Package in Project Management? A Quick Guide

William Malsam
Publication date:
September 24, 2021
Article Summary: 

What Is a Work Package in Project Management? A Quick Guide

A work package is a sequence of activities that leads to a deliverable when using a work breakdown structure (WBS). It is a sub-project of the larger project and is at a higher level in the WBS hierarchy than an activity. Work packages are used in earned value management projects to integrate schedule, cost and scope management data to measure project performance. The main benefit of work packages is that they break down larger projects into more manageable work, which helps project managers keep the project consistent and make more effective assignments. ProjectManager is cloud-based software that does this in real time and provides instant status reports for a high-level view of the progress and performance of the project.

Work packages have a variety of characteristics, such as a budget, deadlines, risks, task priority, and WBS hierarchy. These characteristics help project managers track prices and ensure the project isn't going over budget. They also define the outcome of the tasks, where they take and how much time to provide for completion.
Project management tips for work packages include bringing team members into the process, assigning a team leader, having one person accountable for each work package, making it one of a kind, keeping it doable within a specific timeframe, and executing them within the timeframe of the reporting schedule. Work packages are an excellent way to get an idea of costs and the time required to execute the project, and should be completed in no less than a week and a half.


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William Malsam
What Is a Work Package in Project Management? A Quick Guide
September 24, 2021
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