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What Is a Virtual Team? Definition & Examples

Ariel Lopez
Publication date:
July 23, 2020
Article Summary: 

What Is a Virtual Team? Definition & Examples

Virtual teams are becoming increasingly popular, with 22% of U.S. workers working from home and 50% working in some capacity with virtual teams. They are a group of workers who communicate and work together using digital tools, often distributed. It is important to develop trust in the group and foster good communications in order to avoid costly misunderstandings. Virtual project management techniques can help. Virtual teams are a growing trend, but knowledge of what they are and how to build, lead and manage them is lacking.

There are several varieties of virtual teams, such as networked teams, product development teams, service teams, and action teams. Networked teams are made up of cross-functional team members who are assembled because of their experience and skills on a specific issue. Product development teams are brought together because of their expertise in accomplishing a specific goal. Service teams work independently, but their shifts overlap to offer continual service. Action teams are put together for a short duration and are tasked with responding to an immediate problem.

As people become more familiar with working with virtual teams, their use of them increases beyond the traditional use. Virtual teams are becoming increasingly common due to the growth of the global economy and internal forces such as an innovative atmosphere. They are also financially beneficial for organizations, as they don't have to set up additional infrastructure and can eliminate common problems such as acts of God, government policy changes, and political or medical emergencies. Additionally, virtual teams keep everyone working and productive, preventing an organization from having to add to its payroll.


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Ariel Lopez
What Is a Virtual Team? Definition & Examples
July 23, 2020
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