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What Is a Subcontractor? Understanding Subcontractor Management

Quincy Yarbrough
Publication date:
May 5, 2021
Article Summary: 

What Is a Subcontractor? Understanding Subcontractor Management

Projects require professionals with an array of skills and the more complex a project is, the more skills they require. Subcontractors are a free agent employed on a job-by-job basis when their skills are needed. Contractors are people or organizations hired by owners to "build" a project, and subcontractors are hired by contractors to work on a project when the contractor doesn't have the time or expertise to do the tasks themselves. The ideal relationship between contractors and subcontractors is a symbiotic one, where contractors need subcontractors for their skills and hard work and subcontractors need a contractor's large network of clients to ensure there is always work to be done. However, it is not always perfect and it is important to have a solid contract.

Contractors and subcontractors are individuals with special skills who specialize in different aspects of the project, such as plumbing, electricity, painting, etc. Contractors use subcontractors to increase output and improve the quality of the work being done, allowing them to grow their business and increase profits. However, there are risks associated with using subcontractors, such as showing up late, not showing up at all, completing unsatisfactory work or acting unprofessionally. To protect themselves, contractors should be selective when hiring subcontractors and practice good subcontractor management with daily construction reports.


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Quincy Yarbrough
What Is a Subcontractor? Understanding Subcontractor Management
May 5, 2021
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