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What Is a Scrum Master? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

William Malsam
Publication date:
October 21, 2022
Article Summary: 

What Is a Scrum Master? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

A scrum master is responsible for ensuring that the scrum is implemented correctly in an organization. They help organizations set up a scrum framework, which is made up of meetings, roles and responsibilities, techniques and tools. They also promote and support the process and help product owners and team members understand the theory, practice, rules and values of scrum. They are not part of a hierarchy, giving orders or demanding ROI. They take a holistic approach to product development or software development, offering their scrum project management knowledge to others while promoting a sense of community and supporting a shared decision-making power inside the scrum team.
The role of a scrum master is to act as an agile coach, helping scrum teams to self-organize and work cross-functionally to better manage their product backlog and maximize their efficiency. Scrum masters offer agile project management techniques and tools to manage the product backlog effectively and help the scrum team members know that there is a need to prioritize urgent user stories in the product backlog. They also dispense information to project stakeholders about where the current agile sprint and product or software development effort stand. Finally, they help the organization by leading and coaching the transition into a scrum framework. These roles and responsibilities compare to project managers and product managers.


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William Malsam
What Is a Scrum Master? Here’s Everything You Need to Know
October 21, 2022
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