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What Is A Project Sponsor? Defining This PM Role

William Malsam
Publication date:
August 27, 2019
Article Summary: 

What Is A Project Sponsor? Defining This PM Role

A project sponsor is a person or group who owns the project and provides resources and support for its success. They are the reason for the project and are above the project manager in terms of the project hierarchy. They are responsible for many aspects of the project, from initiating and ensuring success to approving and establishing parts of the project. The role can be broken into three parts: vision, governance and value or benefits realization. The best project sponsor is fully engaged with every phase of the project and is instrumental in selecting the project manager during the initiation phase.

The project sponsor is responsible for making sure the project is appropriate for the organization, offering input on the project charter and participating in the kick-off meeting. During the planning phase, they should make sure the project plan is realistic and feasible. During the implementation and control phases, they should work with the project manager but not overstep boundaries. During the closing phase, they are part of the post-mortem evaluation on performance and other aspects of the project. They also help to streamline communications and keep problems from escalating. Finally, they encourage record-keeping for historical data storage.


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William Malsam
What Is A Project Sponsor? Defining This PM Role
August 27, 2019
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