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What Happens to a Key Card Access System in Case of a Power Outage?

Logixx Security Inc.
Publication date:
June 5, 2023
Article Summary: 

This article addresses the challenges and considerations related to card access systems during power outages. It highlights the importance of maintaining security and preparedness measures to ensure uninterrupted access control in such situations. The article discusses the potential impact of power outages on card access systems, including the loss of electronic access control capabilities. It explores various strategies to mitigate the risks, such as implementing backup power solutions, utilizing battery backups, and establishing emergency protocols. The article emphasizes the significance of regularly testing and maintaining backup systems to guarantee their reliability. By being proactive and prepared, organizations can safeguard their premises and maintain effective access control even during power outages.


card access system, power outage, security, preparedness, access control, electronic access control, backup power, battery backups, emergency protocols, risk mitigation, testing, maintenance, premises security, access control reliability.

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Logixx Security Inc.
What Happens to a Key Card Access System in Case of a Power Outage?
June 5, 2023
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