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What Did You Say?

Tania Haluk, RCM
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In the realm of effective communication for property managers, soft skills play a crucial role in maintaining positive interactions with residents and owners. The article emphasizes the importance of acknowledging, respecting, clarifying, and delivering solutions when addressing concerns. The scenario of a customer service interaction in a store serves as a parallel to condo management, where missteps in communication can lead to customer dissatisfaction. The article also delves into the significance of non-verbal communication, such as body language and tone, in conveying messages accurately. It suggests that empathy and collaboration should replace authoritarian language and that listening is as essential as speaking. Misunderstandings due to written communication, like emails, are highlighted, underscoring the value of making personal calls for clarity. Overall, the article advocates for a respectful, understanding, and empathetic approach to effective communication in property management.


effective communication, soft skills, property managers, customer service, interactions, acknowledgment, respect, clarification, delivery, non-verbal communication, empathy, collaboration, misunderstandings, written communication.

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Tania Haluk, RCM
What Did You Say?
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